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 In 1978, my husband, Richard DeCosta began a trucking company, E & R Trucking.  The business started with one truck leased to NEMF (New England Motor Freight) with deliveries centered in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  In 1980, a new company was formed NWD (National Wholesale Distributors).  The company was incorporated in 1982 with only the letters NWD,Inc.
 It is essential, in this business, to be punctual, but absolutely imperative, when transporting seafood to have on time deliveries to meet market deadlines.  Failure to do so can be costly to both the customer and the transportation company.  It was Richard that believed it would be beneficial to engage Ryder Transportation Services into our operation.  Utilizing Ryder was an insurance policy in which to guarantee timely deadline deliveries.  Ryder guarantees replacement of equipment after three hours down time.  
 We worked with the Warwick, Rhode Island facility.  At this time there was no Ryder terminal in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Due to our success with Ryder, businesses in the area began examining more closely the advantages of rental equipment.  As a result of the interest and demand generated, Ryder opened their first New Bedford facility in 1981 to facilitate the interest in this area.   It not only worked - it is still working 25 years later.
       Drivers Bob Strauch (left) and Herb Peets (right)
                     NWD CEO Eric DeCosta (center)

3/4 of 1,000,000 pounds of fresh and frozen product  transported on a weekly basis from NWD's dock